Year in Review 2016, and 2017 roadmap

January 01, 2017 1 Comment

Year in Review 2016, and 2017 roadmap

Salam everyone,

Thanks for an amazing 2016. As a start-up, like all others, we’ve had some ups-and-downs, and I’m grateful you’ve stuck with us. Seriously, many of you have been reading our newsletters since the beginning and supporting and sharing (caring) which is amazing.

We launched an entirely new site ( in April 2016, and almost as quickly took it went all over. It was our big experiment with #SmartAzanClock product to understand the market need, we have had minor issues with the LCD screen but we are in a decent shape as we are working on a better version. In all, we’re a happy company making progress to support our community with technology. We have contributed to a lot of success stories. One such emotional episode was when people like you connected to us and said, "My son who never used to pray has now started praying immediately when the Azan goes off on Smart Azan Clock". And we’re emotionally excited about that :)

Nearly 10 major partners chose to work with us (AhlulbaytTV, TahaFunder,, ChannelWin, Al-Kisa, to name a few) and we’re extremely grateful to them. We hope you won’t just buy our products, but will actually support them! Enjoy their Instagram and Facebook pages, and let ‘em know you appreciate their work.

So, what’s on tap for 2017? Our plans are below, though they’re a weeeeee bit ambitious so follow us on Facebook to know if we’ll actually do it all, Inshallah with your support...

  • January: Preparation of newer things coming your way :)
  • February: Launch a crowdfunding campaign (TahaFunder). Why? Because we have a new product in the pipeline (affordable for every home) ;)
  • March-April: Working on SmartAzanClock v2.0 (hint: high quality color screen, we can’t tell more for now.. cheeky smile)
  • May - September: FUN STUFF with great offers
  • October: Community events
  • November and December: crazy-town, like every holiday season

Hope you have a wonderful New Year with your family and friends. As we enjoy our holidays, let us pray for, and help to the best of our ability, the many needy and oppressed momineen in our midst!

Much Love,
(request for duas)
Syed Ali, RD, Reyaz Haider, FA, and our wonderful extended team

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Sadiq Amein
Sadiq Amein

January 03, 2017

Keep going brothers! Looking forward for more from you all

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