eAhlulbayt - The Smart Azan Clock

May 22, 2016 4 Comments

eAhlulbayt - The Smart Azan Clock


Islam teaches us that life is but a short journey, with the aim of preparing for our real, eternal life after death. Central to these beliefs is the importance of daily prayers, which are offered on time, every single day in worship of our Creator. The problem? Life gets in the way.

We ’re busier now than we ever have been before and it’s hard to stay on top of prayers.  Career, family responsibilities and hi-tech gadgets are constant distractions. But what if you made that technology work for you instead?

Welcome to eAhlulbayt, an idea born out of a 3-Year-Old's wish. Presenting you a revolutionary product for your modern home. A beautifully designed Smart Azan Clock that can help you stay on top of your prayers, but it’s much more than an azan clock.

eAhlulbayt is perhaps the world’s first truly Islamic Smart Device. A premium product crafted with care for all the lovers of Ahlulbayt worldwide. Designed to help you make worship your top priority and to bring you closer to Allah on a daily basis, bringing peace of mind to your daily routine.

Our patent-pending device will help you and your children to listen and learn from the treasures from the book of Allah, supplications of His pure household, best Duas & Ziyaraat, 30 Ramadan Duas, constant Zikr notifications and much more.  The features will delight you and you will find it easy to set the programs according to your preferences.

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  • Azan is preset to fill the air punctually at all prayer times in the lovely voice of the muezzin of your choice.
  • Constant zikr in praise of Allah is also set to play at 15 minute interval through the day, until 11pm
  • Quran verses are preset for recitation 10-mins before every Azan. You can always control the time and set to repeat at your desired time, to aid memorization, especially for kids.
  • 200 programmable audios can be pre-loaded on the SD Card with a reminder options which enable you to set your favorite Duas, Ziyarat, Quran suras and much more for appropriate occasions and times for the entire year.
  • Apart from controls on the clock, a specially designed eAhlulbayt Software, part of SD-card, gives you complete control to use all the functionalities of the smart clock according to what and when you desire to hear, for the full calendar year.
  • Select as many sublime sounds and features when needed, and when you need silence use the Smart Key press to completely turn off the functionality of smart azan clock and convert the clock to basic time piece with just HH:MM display

Per our survey done from 18 countries, 52% of us don’t pray on-time, and many of us let weeks pass without listening to, and learning from the Holy Quran.

On the other hand, the rate of prayers done on-time for the people who live near a mosque is 89%. Could it be due to the reminder from hearing the call of Azan?

This was a key factor in our decision to go ahead and develop eAhlulbayt and include smart features that can collectively act as a powerful reminder so that the worldly life does not get in the way of worship. This device can help you change your life's priorities and to defeat the devil’s distractions. 

Tranquility in this life and eternal rewards in the hereafter come from remembrance and worship of Allah. For a small investment now, let eAhlulbayt be your constant companion and assistant in what is by far the most important goal of our life.

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4 Responses

Sakina Hasan
Sakina Hasan

July 01, 2017

Kindly let me know how to order azaan smart clock


August 21, 2016

I’d like to order the azan clock but it won’t allow me to preorder.

Ramdan Sudar
Ramdan Sudar

June 13, 2016


Zainab Fatima
Zainab Fatima

May 22, 2016

Mashallah amazing product and beautiful video, this is something everyone would need it. I am looking to order one. Jazakallah I am really excited to being this home for my kids

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